karate fitness

Back after the holiday break

Well back to the dojo after three weeks away with very little training in-between. The dojo whilst cooler than outside was still 30c. Kihon was the order of the day and with 21 techniques required for my next grading it was going to be hard going. Pushing through i finished the sets, but, not at the level i wanted and the time off showed.


Sensei Milan commented “three weeks off has hit your fitness levels, but, that time has gone now and nothing you can do about it. You will know for next time to maintain your training whilst away from the dojo”.

I hope everyone keeps up their training over the holiday period to maintain the right fitness level for their level of engagement in karate. I didn’t, but, It won’t happen again. Karate is about creating a better you and not about anyone else’s expectations or grades.

Come an try karate training at Loxley Community Hall near the co-op in Werrington. Training is Monday and Friday @6pm.