Sensei Milan Dukic

Milan Dukic was born in Modrica, Bosnia in June, 1964. Despite being the only one in his family to enjoy participating in sports, Milan played both football and volleyball, before starting karate in 1976 at the age of twelve, under his first sensei, Dusan Popovic.
Unfortunately, Sensei Popovic passed away very young, and so Milan trained largely without a sensei, but under the guidance of Dr Ilija Jorga, under whom, in 1984, just eight years after starting his studies, he achieved Shodan.

In 1985 sensei Dukic opened his first dojo in Tarevci near Modrica, where he had a large number of successful students. In the same year, sensei Dukic started entering competitions, winning titles in both kata and kumite.
In 1986 he achieved his nidan. As his reputation as a teacher was increasing, in 1989 sensei decided to cease competition and dedicate his time to his students. That same year he was asked to take over a dojo in Odzak. Sensei could now once again take part in competitions, but this time with a team of students who achieved great success for the club.

Sensei Dukic achieved his sandan in 1990 but was unable to continue in Bosnia due to the political situation. Sensei and his family emigrated to England, finally arriving in Peterborough in 1992, where he carried on teaching. He now had to work even harder as the culture and language were new to him. Since his arrival in Peteborough, sensei has achieved yondan and godan.

Sensei is proud to pass on his karate experience gained from 40+ years of hard work and enjoyment. Sensei’s knowledge and experience makes him an example to follow, and his enthusiasm for karate is infectious.

When you train with Sensei Dukic, you are guaranteed a very good session and exposure to karate-do.